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My name is Felicia Inman and my husband is Dustin Inman. We live in Huntsville, AL and have two children, Dexter and Carter. Hope you enjoy!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is it just me?

Is it just me or is there other Mothers out there that have had these thoughts!!

As I sit here at 10:00 p.m. and look around I start to freak out just a little!!!! My reasons are as follows:

  • I feel like I have nothing ready for this baby's arrival!! Sure the nursery is almost ready, but I don't have all the necessities that I would ACTUALLY need if he decided to bless us with his presence today(tonight - due date)
  • I feel like I need to have the hospital bag packed like yesterday!
  • I feel like things aren't moving fast enough!! (not that I'm wishing my time away because I am enjoying these little kicks I am getting as I sit here and type this.  It is the best feeling ever!)
Dustin and I had to go to Babies R Us today to pick up our ottoman and of course I had to have a look around and Dustin was pushing me towards the door and I literally about broke down and cried my eyes out in Babies R Us because I felt like I needed to have everything ready and NOW!! Of course, I held off my buying because I know we have a shower coming up soon.  I am writing to get my stress out or I may go crazy tonight thinking about everything!!

Psssttt... I finished the curtains for the nursery tonight and Dustin put up some things on the walls this weekend!! It is starting to come together!! Shockingly, I am in love with how Dustin did everything.  Not that I doubted his work, but more like I doubted what he was putting up there!! As I look at it more and more I LOVE IT!!  Now I just have to fill in the other walls with stuff haha!!! Oh, and our little man has a name!!!!


How we came up with this you wonder?  Well, Dexter is the only name that we both agreed on and liked (Well I only agreed to this name if we could call him Dex..lol.. ).  Ladon, is a family name that Dustin is honored to pass down.  Dustin's middle name is Ladon and his dad's middle name I believe is Ladon.  (If I'm wrong I am sorry I am almost positive, but my mind isn't thinking very clearly tonight with all the tears..lol.. )!!! and of course Inman was a given!! 

Hope you enjoyed!! I hate to rant, but I didn't have any other way of getting the feelings out tonight.  My sweet husband is sleeping or I would have went and cried to him!! :) I hope this is a normal feeling and I'm not going crazy for nothing!  Any suggestions?


Thursday, February 9, 2012

New used but new to us car!! :)

As you know Dustin and I decided to go on the car hunt for a bigger car that would be more suitable for carrying around a child and all the accessories that go with having a child.  My car would have worked fine, but we would have been all cramped up in it being that it was a smaller car! Honda Civics aren't the biggest of cars out there...lol.. !! Well, I first was thinking that I wanted an Altima and I had the idea of an SUV in the back of my head.  However, once we stated looking we decided that a SUV would probably be better if we would get one in our budget range!! Which I was at first thinking was going to be nearly impossible for me to find one that I actually love and is in our price range.  I am so picky about what I wanted that it just seemed far stretched. Well, Dustin and I go Friday to just look around and see if there was anything that caught our eye. Well there was a Nissan Murano White that had all the qualifications I was looking for minus a few things that weren't that pressing such as a navigation system.  If you remember from one of my previous post that wasn't a make it or break it deal! I am just trying to get rid of my DROID! I wanted to go back to my blackberry! I need the navigation on the phone if I didn't have it anywhere else.  Well, we go for a test drive and come back and the guys go to trying to get us a "deal" !  Well, they go back and forth for a while and they run all the bells and whistles.  In the mean time were just sitting there and it is time for us to go meat Dustin's friend, Andrew, for dinner at Five Guys! So, we were like we got to go we had plans so they send us home with the Murano to drive around and get the feel of it.  Before we left we felt very confident that they were going to give us a great price... and the salesman said something about an interest rate of 2.5 or something like that so we were like okay we will see tomorrow.  Saturday comes along we get up and go down there early and we go to the financing office to go over the numbers and says okay this is a great "deal" we got you this car for 28,999 with your down payment and trade in which they were going to give me 3,000 for at first would be 309? a month with an interest rate of 3.8. oh and it was  a 6 year loan which we were NOT going to be doing!!! I was like you have got to be kidding me.  First of all, your telling me that I could have got that black 2011 Murano that had only 1,000 miles on it that I LOVED for the same price as this one.  This one is not only a year older but it has 16,000 more miles on it!  (Dustin said I was so upset that I was shaking)! I was extremely aggitated because they let us leave there friday thinking that they were going to give us this amazing deal and then they throw this at me!!! SALESMAN!!!!! we go back and forth and they took of like 500 dollars more for the car and said they would give me 3500 for my 2004 honda civic with 143,000 miles on it. They just acted like they would not budge hardly from the price of this Murano!! So in the end Dustin and I were like look we would have to think about this because we dont like being rushed into any decisions.  The guy was like okay look let me keep the Civic over the weekend and let me see if I can get you like 5,000 for the car and we drive the Murano the rest of the weekend.  After getting home and once we start looking at our finances over again and over again.  In the mean time I googled Nissan Murano's and found one IDENTICAL to this one at another nissan place so I call them up and say give me your best offer on this Murano you have for sale and they automatically said 27,000.  I couldn't go down to look at it that day but could on Monday so I told them I would be in there monday to look at it.  Dustin decides to go in there Monday with our plan of we want at the most for them to take the car down to 27,000 because we have another place willing to do that and we want a 5 year loan and our payments to be under 325 a month.  I was not going with him this time because I was done working with these people they had me too upset for my liking!!  I said look we want this car, but we don't absolutely need this car!! It would just be more convenient for us to have a bigger car.  So, whatever his decision was I would be okay with.  I understand the car people have to make a little bit of money but we will not stray from our budget and the price we want it at and if it took us saving more money for 3 more months or so we were just going to have to do that.  So anyways back to the story... in the end they came down on the price of the car, gave us the 5 year loan with a 2.something interest rate instead of the other and gave me 5,500 for my car and the payments were way under 325 a month!!! So, Dustin was apparently please enough so he got the car that day!!! I have to say I am pretty impressed with ourselves!! lol.. We did not stray from our budget and what we had in mind.  Even though it was extremely frustrating dealing with these people at the end of the day we walked away feeling confident in our purchase and now we can rest easy knowing that we're in and a little below our budget!!

Check out our FIRST FAMILY CAR!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our first car buying experience as husband and wife. I hope that I can get used to driving a SUV being that I was driving a small Honda Civic.  I also hope that this car brings us many adventures in the years to come as a family of 3!! I also hope it serves its purpose and one of the main reason we started looking for an SUV by being able to use it for picking stuff up and hauling it around...lol.. We don't have a truck so it makes it rather difficult if we need to carry bigger purchases home!