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My name is Felicia Inman and my husband is Dustin Inman. We live in Huntsville, AL and have two children, Dexter and Carter. Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding shower

Let me just start out by thanking everyone who helped to make our shower such a wonderful event for Dustin and I. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to make our engagement such a joyful time in our lives. To start off the day of the shower Dustin and I attended church as usual with the family. After church we were super busy. Belk had called Saturday evening to let us know we had some gifts that needed to be picked up. After we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Jacks we headed to Belk to pick up our gifts. Then we rushed back to my house so that I could get ready and be at the shower at 1:30 like instructed. When we arrived at the church I walk in and it is the most amazing site. They had tables set up with a single flower in a vase sitting on a mirror in the middle of the table. It was just precious.~!! They also had a sign in table with a picture of us in a lovely frame in the middle of the decorated table and don't let me forget the food. There was chicken fingers, fruit with dip, and veggies with dip, and the punch was amazing!! I really wished I had gotten the recipe. My hostesses really went all out to make it such a special evening for the both of us!!  

                                                           The centerpieces for the table

                                                      Dustin and I at the sign in table

                                                      Me with all of my wonderful hostesses
                                                              They did such and amazing job

After eating all the yummy food we had to open all of our gifts!! Being that it was a combined shower we had a lot of gifts to open. At one point Dustin and I was beginning to wonder whether or not it was going to end. We appreciated everything that we got so much!!! We got some really great things. I loved it all and we were so thrilled to be blessed with so much! Since the shower I have started on all the thank you's and let me tell you this is no small task. I have started to do a little at a time and I will eventually get them done. I am hoping to have all of them sent out and finished before the wedding. Again we thank everyone who helped and who came to the wedding shower. It has truly been a blessing! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

A little taste of the wedding

Meet the Wedding party: 
  • Bride- Felicia Ann Saint
    • Matron of Honor- Jennifer Owens Pate (cousin)
    • Bridesmaid- Denise Saint (sister)
    • Bridesmaid- Melissa Owens Battles (cousin)
    • Bridesmaid- Lora Causey (sister of the groom)
    • Bridesmaid- Emily Thomas (friend of the bride)
  • Groom- Dustin Ladon Inman
    • Best Man- Donnie Inman (father of groom)
    • Groomsman- Scottie Tucker- (cousin)
    • Groomsman- Brandon Beck- (cousin)
    • Groomsman- Brett Causey- (brother-in-law)
    • Groomsman- Andrew Maise- (friend of groom)
    • Groomsman- Evan Gossett- (friend of groom)

I  never realized how stressful planning a wedding could be. I feel like I have no clue what I am doing but when I step back and look it seems to be coming together alright. Tonight I have been on the computer for hours researching the perfect music to play during the ceremony. We have a meeting with the Wedding Consultant tomorrow morning to go over all of this stuff. After a few hours of searching I have narrowed it down to a few songs for the ceremony for each part. Dustin and I will go over them in the morning together. Okay as for the actual wedding this is what I have planned so far. My colors are Lapis (really dark Purple) and light Pink. Our Ceremony will be held at Rainbow Manor with the reception to follow there. My bridesmaids will be wearing a gorgeous strapless gown with all matching heels. My Matron of Honor, Jennifer Pate, will be wearing a pink cummerbund with her dress. The Groomsman will be wearing a tux with silver(platinum) vest and tie. The groom will have a white tie and vest. For the flowers I have chosen to go with a  rose and carnation bouquet. My bouquet will be white with pink in it. The bridesmaids will have a smaller version of mine except they will have light pink bouquets with a little white mixed in. I will post a picture on what I have in mind for finished product on the bouquet later. The groom/groomsman will be wearing a single rose boutonniere. The groom will have a white rose and the groomsmen will have pink boutonnieres. The mothers are going to have pink corsages. I can't leave out the ring bearer, Parker, he will be wearing the same tux and boutonniere as the groomsmen. I haven't decided on party favors yet. We are in the process of finalizing our reception menu and wedding songs. I will post on them later. If anyone has any ideas on what I could do for part favors I would greatly appreciate them. Enjoy! 

wedding bouquet idea