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My name is Felicia Inman and my husband is Dustin Inman. We live in Huntsville, AL and have two children, Dexter and Carter. Hope you enjoy!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's been a while

Let me take a minute to catch everyone up.  Between work and being pregnant I have honestly just been too exhausted to write.  Dustin and I found out we were expecting some 6 months ago and since then our daily lives have been filled with busy busy busy.  To start you guys off I had all day sickness until about 2-3 weeks into my 2nd trimester.  I am just thankful none of my food came back up (TMI).  So, all I did was go to work, come home, eat and go to bed and then repeat!! Let me just tell you I am sooo glad those days are behind me for now.  I am going into my 26th week of pregnancy and I am feeling great!!! I can eat and I have a little bit of energy to get some things done. I am sure Dustin is very thankful for this bless his heart!! While I was not my normal self Dustin picked up on a lot of the house work that I normally did!! He really is such a great husband and friend!! Not only this, Dustin has been taking classes to get his masters degree and this last semester he took 2 classes!! That may not seem like a lot, but when you work 40 hours a week and have one class that is really tough it really puts a strain on you to do much of anything else. Thankfully this semester is over and he has had a little time to relax and enjoy himself again!! He will be graduating with his masters degree this summer!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! I am so proud of him!! He really works hard and succeeds in everything he does!!! I am so proud of you Dustin and always will be!!!

About a week ago or so I came to the realization that my next prenatal appointment in January is when I will be doing my 1 hour glucose test and then I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks!!!!! HELLO 3RD TRIMESTER!!!! HOW SCARY IS THAT!!!!! After this realization I started to freak out just a little bit because Dustin and I had not done anything with the nursery nor had we bought furniture for the nursery!! So,  I picked out the color that I wanted the nursery and then we went and got the paint.  The next week Dustin's parents were kind enough to come up and help paint it!! When I walked in the door I thought wow that is really really really blue and started to get a little scared, but once Dustin put on the final coat the next day and it all dried it started coming together in my head!! I will not reveal what theme we have went with until the nursery is completed, but some people already know.  As well as picking out paint Dustin and I also bought our crib, but sadly we had to order the dresser that came with it so it will not be in for another 10-12 weeks.  Lets just hope this baby stays inside mommy's belly until that time! Today Dustin put the crib together and I have to say I think the nursery is going to look fabulous once we are done with it.  Here is a little sneak peak for all to see and then no more until the nursery is completed!!!

Sorry about the pieces of crib, but this pic really shows off the color of the wall really well.  The little bit you can see, but like I said... Just a peak!!

                                                           Finished product, minus the matress

                           Isn't it just lovely.  I love the details of the crib, but I couldn't get it to show up  in the pics.


AND IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD, WE ARE HAVING A BOY!!! The name will come later, because I can't get my husband to decide on a name. We have one picked out, but he just wants to make sure it is the right name for our little man!!! So more on that later!!!

If you live in the Huntsville area and know of any good day cares Dustin and I are on the prowl.  We have one that we really like, but we want to explore our options and being that we aren't from around here originally its hard to know where to go!!!! That is another thing we really have got to get the ball rolling on!!!

One more thing... I have been taking prenatal yoga and I have to say I really like it.  I have never in my life done yoga before, but after I leave I just feel so stretched in a good way!!! I will have to keep it up once I have this baby too!!!!

To do list:

1. Start planning shower
2. Find a day care
3. Start our birthing classes
4. Finish nursery
5. Register - We have already registered at babies r us if anyone is interested in checking our registry out.  If anything on there is pink ignore it, because I might have scanned one or two items by mistake and just haven't had the time to check it out and delete!!

There is lots more to do that I can't think of right at this moment, but that is some of the big things!!!

I will leave you with how my life besides baby is going!!

I feel great.  I am so happy to be a Mrs. Inman!!! I am married to my best friend and love of my life. I am soo lucky to have found my soul mate!!!! I am one lucky girl!!! We have a house, a dog and a baby one the way!! Whew our little family is growing and we are so excited for the new adventures life brings us!!! Oh and I can't forget my wonderful job!!!! That is a HUGE part of my daily life and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! After getting settled in and starting to know a little bit more of what I am doing, I thank god on a daily basis for sending my this wonderful job/career!!! Every since I was old enough to think about future stuff I knew that I would finish high school and finish college!! I just knew that I had to do this to take care of myself. When I got into college and it started to get close to graduation I started to imagine the job that I wanted and this was it!!!! I am so blessed to have this job and expect to work my behind off to keep it!!! It really helps when you actually enjoy going to work and love the things you do while you're there!!

Okay, this post is long enough I think so I will start another one on a recap of the year after I eat my wonderful new years even supper that I have prepared for Dustin and I!!! Love y'all and hope you enjoyed!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I know it has been a very long time since I posted last.  To catch everyone up, here is the low-down on our lives lately.

  1. I got a job with an attorney in Athens, AL. - Was not the place for me and I knew it.  Off on the job search again.
  2. Job search continued.... I GOT A JOB!!!! ONE THAT I LOVE!!!!!
  • with whom you may ask - Page A. Banks, an attorney in Huntsville, AL - she does only Domestic and is such a wonderful attorney and human being!!!! When I say I love my job, I honestly can't tell you how lucky and grateful that I am to be working with such great and wonderful people.
  3.  WE FOUND OUT THAT WE ARE EXPECTING. Baby due April 10, 2012. 
  4.  We finally finished the upstairs.  There is a few little touch-ups that need to be made but for the most part it is finished.  I will post pictures later.

I believe that catches everyone up for now.  More to come on pictures and our sweet babys growth.


Thursday, June 16, 2011


Since Dustin & I have got married and I have moved into our house there has been some projects that we have wanted to do. These projects include: Remodeling the kitchen (this is a biggie), Painting the 1st and 2nd guest bedrooms, re-carpeting the 1st guest bedroom and the carpet on the stairs leading up to the bonus room/office, paint my office/bonus room, build a little wall separating my office area from the rest of the room and painting the built-in book case. We also had a few things on the list that we knew we needed to get to make our home a little "homier" instead of the "bachelor pad" style Dustin had going before we were married. These things included a bookshelf for the living room, entertainment center and a china cabinet for all my wonderful china that we received as wedding gifts!!! 

We have not yet completed everything on our list, as it will take us  quite a while to finish all of it, but in between job searching and storm damage we have managed to sneak in a few things here and there. A few of those things include, I painted the built-in book case White. Before I painted it, it was just wood. Not a good "oh, that's pretty" wood either. So, now it is white and looks a whole heck of a lot better than it did before. Dustin says that is blends in now! ha! 

They were not the best

I think I did an alright job on this

 The second thing that we have managed to accomplish is getting a few things for the house. One day after Dustin got off from work we decided to go to the Ashley furniture store in town. Lucky for us they were having a huge liquidation sale and we ended up getting our furniture at a can't pass this up deal. We ended up buying a Entertainment center and China cabinet. I have to say, I think the living room looks a lot more cozy with the entertainment center. I also finally got the dinning room I have been wanting. A few days after the china cabinet arrived, Dustin and his friend, Andrew, moved the desk upstairs. I am very excited about the dinning room and so thankful to my wonderful husband for making this possible for me. It wasn't easy talking him into moving his desk upstairs so I could have a dinning room. . I truly appreciate that he did this for me. 


I have to find some decorations to go on it now!!

 China Cabinet
 With a few of my things in there
 Now, I just have to get some things for the top shelf
 Finished product so far
This is sitting in the center of our table
I just had to share because I love it so!! 
This plate will be going in our china cabinet 
the round piece of wood will be my paper weight on my desk upstairs

As you can tell by reading this we still have a long way to go with things that need to be done around here. We are slowly getting them accomplished and one day will have them done with new things to add to the list. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and such a wonderful place to call home. 


Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few of my favorites

Here are a few  things I just can't live without.

1. My Husband - He is my world. Without him I am nothing.

2. Family - I would be lost without them. It sure is a lonely place when you move away like I have and they aren't there to talk to everyday.

3. Phone (Blackberry Tour) about to be Droid pro!!! Love the key board.

4. My laptop.

Summer time foods:

I love to eat fruit. Gala apples are my favorite!!!

1. Vidalia Onions - they only come around in the summer time, but ohhhh how delicious they are. I love to saute them in some garlic, butter and worcestershire sauce. I know sounds gross, but it is sooo yummy!!!

2. Squash - cooked in  Italian dressing with a little onions. This sounds gross as well, but it is very good!!! Give it a try. I would have never even had this dish if it weren't for meeting Dustin. Every summer his mother makes this when we go to the lake. It is to die for!! Any way you cook squash is delicious for me.

3. Grilled hot dogs.

4. One of my favorites to cook - hamburger steak with brown gravy served on rice.

5. Olive garden!!!! Anything from olive garden!!! My favorite has to be the Lasagna Fritta. It is an appetizer only. If they had this as a entree, I think I would be there almost every day! It is that good!!

These are a few of my favorite things for today. More favorites to come. What is yours?


On a side note: Can't you tell I was hungry writing this? Maybe I picked a bad time to write about my favorites. This blog mainly consists of food!!! I do love other things.... like.. READING!!! More to come later  on that!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cleaning up & My little sisters a bride!!

These past few weeks after the storms have been super busy!! It feels as if there is not enough time in the days to get what needs to be done, done. The week after the big storms Dustin and I stayed with his parents in Gadsden. We are so thankful that they welcomed us into their homes when we had no power. The day we returned I had my first interview with a law firm in Huntsville, AL. I was so excited. After the interview, Dustin and I tried to get the house a little cleaned up before the dark set it (we were still without power). Luckily, later that evening our power came back on!! Hooray!! We still could not touch the back yard until the adjuster came and took a look at it. It seemed like it took forever for him to get to us!! In the mean time I had a few more interviews. After the adjuster came Dustin's parents came up to the house one weekend with Brett and Lora and the kids. They so graciously helped us get all the limbs away from the house and off the fence and a lot more work. Note: I don't actually know what they did because I sadly was not home for this!! While they were working so hard Dustin's dad, Donnie, went and asked some guys close to us how much they would charge to get the rest of the trees out of our yard. They were surprisingly cheap!!! The tree guys were from Ohio and had came down to do some charity work and stayed to help with the clean up of the storms (Thank god for nice people like this). Anyway, they came and did the job we paid them to do and left.

                                                                      There are no more trees:)

                                                                   Dustin hard at work
                                                                      All smoothed out

                                Me hard at work (Dustin made fun of this outfit, but it was so cold)

While everyone was working hard in our yard, I had the pleasure of attending my sister's wedding shower. I have no pics of the shower sadly. I was too busy running around. It was so glad to see all of my family and to see my sister get such great gifts. The things she says while she is opening presents would make anyone laugh!!! After that wonderful and busy weekend came a week of more busy!! I had interviews!!! Yay!! I am hoping to hear something this week. Let's cross our fingers. Also, my cousin, Melissa, and her wonderful son, Caleb, came up to spend the night with Dustin and I. We had lots of fun sitting around and playing with the little man. The first thing he went to when he came in the door was the stairs. So we spent most of the evening playing on the stairs. When Dustin came in from work, he fired up the grill and cooked us some steaks! They were so yummy! While Dustin cooked the steaks, I cooked mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. It was a great meal. Then we went to Bridge Street Town Center in Huntsville. It is such a lovely little place to walk around with kids. Whether shopping or walking around enjoying the scenery, it is always a good time. The next day was my sister's wedding rehearsal, and the next day was the big day!!! I can't believe my little sister got married!!! She was such a beautiful bride and the after party was great!!!! Denise I love you, and you made such a beautiful bride. I hope the best for you in life!!! 


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Since we've been home

Dustin and I are newlyweds!!! yay!!! I will post on the wedding hopefully later. First off there are some things that I would like to say. First, we are truly blessed to have each other and our home. Second, our hearts and prayers go out to everyone that has lost something with these storms whether it be a home, loved one, or precious belongings. We will remember these days throughout our lives. Dustin and I arrived back home from the honey moon on Saturday. Moved all my belongings up to Madison on Monday. Returned his dads truck and stayed with his parents one more night. Tuesday we drive back up to find when we got home Dustin had a flat tire and no way to get it where we could fix it. Dustin and I both have never had to change a tire before, but we had the concept of how it worked in our minds. The hardest part was trying to figure out where the jack went. This was what we thought was our big lump in the road to cross as newlyweds. Boy was I wrong!

                                                                  The piece of glass in the tire

                                                                Dustin jacking the car up

     the first bump in the road

The second day we were up in Madison I awake somewhere around 11:30 to the sirens. We usually don't sleep late, but we both didn't sleep very well that night. So, I awake to the sirens going off so I turn the tv on to see what was going on. The weather station was following a tornado that was headed right towards our area. They were giving the roads and everything and when it was going to hit. They said it would get to our area at 11:40. So, I jump up tell Dustin to get up. Then I run to the living room to grab my laptop thinking I would check the weather online since I wouldn't be able to watch the tv in the bathroom. When I get back to the bedroom Dustin is looking at me like I'm going crazy because I am telling him we have to get in the bathtub. I look out the window to see what the weather was like out. The trees were still and then all of a sudden the wind picked up so fast and the trees were going every which of a way. So, I yell at Dustin to get to the tub NOW!!! While in the tub we could hear the wind outside just a going we heard a thud and what sounded like sticks hitting the house. So of course I was scared to death and crying by that time. The power went out so I couldn't check the weather on my laptop because it cut the wireless internet in our house. So I called my Aunt Wanda and she talked me through it. :)!! After it had passed Dustin and I get out and look out the window to see nothing but limbs against our window. Trees were down everywhere in our back yard! I know of 6 trees confirmed down in our back yard. Not just little stick trees... these are big trees. So we go out and survey the damage. We had enough time to go to town and get some supplies to fix the house up a little and grab a bite to eat since we didn't have power to cook. After getting home, Dustin was working on fixing the side of the house when the second set of storms were closing in on us. So we had to get in the tub again. We spent almost all day in the tub waiting out the tornado's. Except this time the tub was much smaller because we went to the guest bath which is in the center of the house instead of the one right next to the outside of the house. Much safer there!!! After all was said and done we didn't have a lot of damage to our house and I still have my husband and he still has his wife. We have our families that are safe and sound. I am a blessed woman. We were very fortunate. We definitely had someone watching over us!!! 

                                                           First glance off the porch

                                                        Where it tore our fascia down a little

                                                   The tree beside our house. The one we liked!

                                                               Dustin observing the damage

                                                            Looking towards the house
                                          We were in the bathroom to the left of that window!

                                                     They all pretty much came up by their roots

                                                                Another 2 trees down

                                                            It pulled up our fence!!!

                                                                     Side of the house view

                                                                     Laying over the fence 

So yes after all that we are very lucky!!!! very lucky to have each other and our families!!! I can not stress enough how thankful that I am!!! 

Sorry about all the grammar errors in this message I am in a hurry. Dustin wants the internet!!! :)!!! Don't have time to read through. I just wanted to share our story with everyone. Be thankful everyday for what you have!!! I may have only spent 2 nights in that house so far but I love it and I love my husband. I am so blessed and thankful to have such wonderful in-laws that are willing to keep us until the power is restored in huntsville/madison!!! I don't know how I would have survived a week with no shower because the power was down. Cold showers are not my thing. I enjoy being here so close to my family. I am going to take this time to spend it with them before I make the 2 hour journey back home soon hopefully. I also am very thankful that my family and everyone I love and care about is okay!! I love ya'll so much!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Wedding before the Wedding

The wedding is in 20 days!!! Tomorrow starts the count down in the teens! Okay enough of that. For the ceremony I have been working my behind off trying to get everything ready. The fabric I have been working on for the past few months is finally finished and ready to go. I will be wrapping this fabric around every other pew in the chapel and in the center of the fabric will be a light pink rose. One of my amazing friends, Heather, will be singing for us during the ceremony. She will be accompanied by the guitarist of their Great band, Defining Obsession, everyone should check them out. http://www.facebook.com/DefiningObsession. Heather will be singing a song called, I'm in love with you! I'm not going to give too much away right now so I won't be reviling who sings the song. All I know is that Heather Lindsey has one of the purist voices I have ever heard, and I am so thankful that she has agreed to sing for us on our wedding day. It is going to be great. Another thing that will be going on during the ceremony is the reading of a verse or poem. I am not 100% positive on that right now, but we will see. If anyone has any readings they would like to share with me that would be great. I would greatly appreciate it! After they pronounce us husband and wife we will head to the next room where the reception will be held. For the reception we will be having of course the Bridal cake and Grooms cake. We will also be having Fruit with dip, Tea sandwiches (Chicken, Ham, and Cucumber), Spinach dip with chips, chicken fingers with sauce, a chocolate display of assorted chocolates(YUM), and the cheese straw, mints, punch & tea. I am still in the process of trying to decide whether or not we will have a first dance. I know we should, but I am a little shy!  There will be an outside area that is just lovely where guest can socialize and have a great time while enjoying the lovely weather!! (Let's pray for GREAT WEATHER)!!!! It is going to be such a wonderful day and I can't wait!! Here is a few pics of my progress.

                                                               Fabric in progress
                                         Finished Product *the actual length of these are much longer*

I have also been in the progress of working on our Wedding program! This is taking some time. I have been to 3 different stores to find the perfect paper at a great deal. Well, lets just say I have came up empty handed every time! Not just the paper, but the songs we picked out with our "wedding ladies" was on their computer and I have no idea who sings them. There is a lot of Wedding march's and Bridal Chorus's out there! I am stuck! Along with working on the program, I have decided to make my bridesmaids some unique and thoughtful gifts that they will love to go along with their "main" gift! I have to get all this done in 2-3 weeks! I know that I can do it. 

Honeymoon: I am not "allowed" to know! ha! I know it is really sweet, but I won't to know..:) That is okay I know wherever we go will be great. ohhh... I do know a few clues that lead me no where 1. It is warm, 2. we will be driving (I don't like planes), 3. I need a swim suit. Since, the ones I have are at his parents for their pool I get to go SHOPPING!! Come on April 1st so that I can use my Victoria's Secret secret reward cards that I have to get a great buy on a swim suit or two!! 

Hope you enjoyed reading about the wedding! Much more to come later!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding shower

Let me just start out by thanking everyone who helped to make our shower such a wonderful event for Dustin and I. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to make our engagement such a joyful time in our lives. To start off the day of the shower Dustin and I attended church as usual with the family. After church we were super busy. Belk had called Saturday evening to let us know we had some gifts that needed to be picked up. After we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Jacks we headed to Belk to pick up our gifts. Then we rushed back to my house so that I could get ready and be at the shower at 1:30 like instructed. When we arrived at the church I walk in and it is the most amazing site. They had tables set up with a single flower in a vase sitting on a mirror in the middle of the table. It was just precious.~!! They also had a sign in table with a picture of us in a lovely frame in the middle of the decorated table and don't let me forget the food. There was chicken fingers, fruit with dip, and veggies with dip, and the punch was amazing!! I really wished I had gotten the recipe. My hostesses really went all out to make it such a special evening for the both of us!!  

                                                           The centerpieces for the table

                                                      Dustin and I at the sign in table

                                                      Me with all of my wonderful hostesses
                                                              They did such and amazing job

After eating all the yummy food we had to open all of our gifts!! Being that it was a combined shower we had a lot of gifts to open. At one point Dustin and I was beginning to wonder whether or not it was going to end. We appreciated everything that we got so much!!! We got some really great things. I loved it all and we were so thrilled to be blessed with so much! Since the shower I have started on all the thank you's and let me tell you this is no small task. I have started to do a little at a time and I will eventually get them done. I am hoping to have all of them sent out and finished before the wedding. Again we thank everyone who helped and who came to the wedding shower. It has truly been a blessing! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

A little taste of the wedding

Meet the Wedding party: 
  • Bride- Felicia Ann Saint
    • Matron of Honor- Jennifer Owens Pate (cousin)
    • Bridesmaid- Denise Saint (sister)
    • Bridesmaid- Melissa Owens Battles (cousin)
    • Bridesmaid- Lora Causey (sister of the groom)
    • Bridesmaid- Emily Thomas (friend of the bride)
  • Groom- Dustin Ladon Inman
    • Best Man- Donnie Inman (father of groom)
    • Groomsman- Scottie Tucker- (cousin)
    • Groomsman- Brandon Beck- (cousin)
    • Groomsman- Brett Causey- (brother-in-law)
    • Groomsman- Andrew Maise- (friend of groom)
    • Groomsman- Evan Gossett- (friend of groom)

I  never realized how stressful planning a wedding could be. I feel like I have no clue what I am doing but when I step back and look it seems to be coming together alright. Tonight I have been on the computer for hours researching the perfect music to play during the ceremony. We have a meeting with the Wedding Consultant tomorrow morning to go over all of this stuff. After a few hours of searching I have narrowed it down to a few songs for the ceremony for each part. Dustin and I will go over them in the morning together. Okay as for the actual wedding this is what I have planned so far. My colors are Lapis (really dark Purple) and light Pink. Our Ceremony will be held at Rainbow Manor with the reception to follow there. My bridesmaids will be wearing a gorgeous strapless gown with all matching heels. My Matron of Honor, Jennifer Pate, will be wearing a pink cummerbund with her dress. The Groomsman will be wearing a tux with silver(platinum) vest and tie. The groom will have a white tie and vest. For the flowers I have chosen to go with a  rose and carnation bouquet. My bouquet will be white with pink in it. The bridesmaids will have a smaller version of mine except they will have light pink bouquets with a little white mixed in. I will post a picture on what I have in mind for finished product on the bouquet later. The groom/groomsman will be wearing a single rose boutonniere. The groom will have a white rose and the groomsmen will have pink boutonnieres. The mothers are going to have pink corsages. I can't leave out the ring bearer, Parker, he will be wearing the same tux and boutonniere as the groomsmen. I haven't decided on party favors yet. We are in the process of finalizing our reception menu and wedding songs. I will post on them later. If anyone has any ideas on what I could do for part favors I would greatly appreciate them. Enjoy! 

wedding bouquet idea

Monday, January 24, 2011

New to me

This might take a few times to get used to. Blogging has never been my thing but after reading everyone's blog I figured why not give it a shot. After a long process of getting my cousin, Melissa Battles, to Google some unique names for me we came up with this. Keeping up with the Inmans. Yes I know that I am not married to an Inman just yet but I figured why not go ahead and name my blog that because we will be married in 3 months. Plus, I really liked the name. After all I will be blogging about OUR lives here in no time. To everyone that is reading you will be seeing my blog change from different templates and designs as I get comfortable and decide what I really want to be "my look" of the blog. So, after all that I am going to end this blog short so that I can explore everything that I can do to this webpage. I really hope that each and everyone of you enjoy my blogs and the things that I have going on in my day to day life of preparing for my wedding, finding a "big girl" job, getting married, and enjoying the rest of my life with the man of my dreams Mr. Dustin Inman.