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My name is Felicia Inman and my husband is Dustin Inman. We live in Huntsville, AL and have two children, Dexter and Carter. Hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A few of my favorites

Here are a few  things I just can't live without.

1. My Husband - He is my world. Without him I am nothing.

2. Family - I would be lost without them. It sure is a lonely place when you move away like I have and they aren't there to talk to everyday.

3. Phone (Blackberry Tour) about to be Droid pro!!! Love the key board.

4. My laptop.

Summer time foods:

I love to eat fruit. Gala apples are my favorite!!!

1. Vidalia Onions - they only come around in the summer time, but ohhhh how delicious they are. I love to saute them in some garlic, butter and worcestershire sauce. I know sounds gross, but it is sooo yummy!!!

2. Squash - cooked in  Italian dressing with a little onions. This sounds gross as well, but it is very good!!! Give it a try. I would have never even had this dish if it weren't for meeting Dustin. Every summer his mother makes this when we go to the lake. It is to die for!! Any way you cook squash is delicious for me.

3. Grilled hot dogs.

4. One of my favorites to cook - hamburger steak with brown gravy served on rice.

5. Olive garden!!!! Anything from olive garden!!! My favorite has to be the Lasagna Fritta. It is an appetizer only. If they had this as a entree, I think I would be there almost every day! It is that good!!

These are a few of my favorite things for today. More favorites to come. What is yours?


On a side note: Can't you tell I was hungry writing this? Maybe I picked a bad time to write about my favorites. This blog mainly consists of food!!! I do love other things.... like.. READING!!! More to come later  on that!!


  1. haha I love you Felcia! I laughed out loud reading your blog...food is goooood! :) You are making me hungry! lol

  2. Heather, how come I am just now seeing this? Maybe I don't get notifications when someone comments on my blog... hmm... I love you too!!!!! :)