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Thursday, June 16, 2011


Since Dustin & I have got married and I have moved into our house there has been some projects that we have wanted to do. These projects include: Remodeling the kitchen (this is a biggie), Painting the 1st and 2nd guest bedrooms, re-carpeting the 1st guest bedroom and the carpet on the stairs leading up to the bonus room/office, paint my office/bonus room, build a little wall separating my office area from the rest of the room and painting the built-in book case. We also had a few things on the list that we knew we needed to get to make our home a little "homier" instead of the "bachelor pad" style Dustin had going before we were married. These things included a bookshelf for the living room, entertainment center and a china cabinet for all my wonderful china that we received as wedding gifts!!! 

We have not yet completed everything on our list, as it will take us  quite a while to finish all of it, but in between job searching and storm damage we have managed to sneak in a few things here and there. A few of those things include, I painted the built-in book case White. Before I painted it, it was just wood. Not a good "oh, that's pretty" wood either. So, now it is white and looks a whole heck of a lot better than it did before. Dustin says that is blends in now! ha! 

They were not the best

I think I did an alright job on this

 The second thing that we have managed to accomplish is getting a few things for the house. One day after Dustin got off from work we decided to go to the Ashley furniture store in town. Lucky for us they were having a huge liquidation sale and we ended up getting our furniture at a can't pass this up deal. We ended up buying a Entertainment center and China cabinet. I have to say, I think the living room looks a lot more cozy with the entertainment center. I also finally got the dinning room I have been wanting. A few days after the china cabinet arrived, Dustin and his friend, Andrew, moved the desk upstairs. I am very excited about the dinning room and so thankful to my wonderful husband for making this possible for me. It wasn't easy talking him into moving his desk upstairs so I could have a dinning room. . I truly appreciate that he did this for me. 


I have to find some decorations to go on it now!!

 China Cabinet
 With a few of my things in there
 Now, I just have to get some things for the top shelf
 Finished product so far
This is sitting in the center of our table
I just had to share because I love it so!! 
This plate will be going in our china cabinet 
the round piece of wood will be my paper weight on my desk upstairs

As you can tell by reading this we still have a long way to go with things that need to be done around here. We are slowly getting them accomplished and one day will have them done with new things to add to the list. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and such a wonderful place to call home. 


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