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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I never thought it would be this hard

Who ever thought that it would be so stinking hard to get out the door with a toddler and a 3 month old!!!!  Let me set the scene for you.

I had plans to go over my friend Megan's house to see her and to let Dexter play with Max her little boy. After I fed Carter this morning, I was hoping that he would go back down for a few more hours of sleep(he usually does after his morning feeding), and I would be able to take a shower real quick  while both boys were asleep.  No such luck.  While I was feeding Carter, I hear Dexter get out of bed.  That was okay because I could turn on the tv and he would be fine while I shower.  Well, I finish up feeding carter and guess what.  He decides that he has no interest in going back to sleep.  Off to the living room we go where Dex is saying I want an apple and Carter has no interest in playing by himself this morning (he was still sleepy).  I "fix" Dex an apple and put Carter in the swing.  YES!  he's going to stay in there with no trouble and I can take a quick shower.  After the shower I hurry and get dressed then quickly get Dex dressed while Carter is still napping in the swing.  Then, I hear Dex in the living room yelling so loudly.  I said, Dex what are you yelling at and he said, Carter so he wake up.  By that time Carter was already woke up by the screaming Dexter was doing.  I get Carter out of the swing and I take him in the bedroom to change his diaper and clothes so we can leave.  I get him changed and almost ready to go and he spits up all over himself.  Not just a little bit, but a lot.  So, I have to change him again.  Then, I take him and go to put him in his carseat and up comes some more spit up all over me and him.  I then have to change me and him.  Ok, I got Carter changed then I got changed and I put him in his carseat and buckle him up.  He starts screaming, because he HATES his carseat.  I knew it was getting feeding time, but I was hoping I could make it to Megan's before I fed him.  I needed to get out the door.  Ok, I grab all the 'stuff' and put Dexter in the car and crank the car.  Yes, I'm almost out the door!!!!  Go in to grab Carter and I look at him and he has spit up all over him and the carseat!  I clean that off and think to myself oh, I'll just change him at megan's.  I'm praying by that time that he stops screaming and maybe goes to sleep for the ride over.  THEN, I go to look for my phone and I can't find it anywhere!!  I look in all the places that I was in the house and in the car and it's nowhere to be found.  Finally, I just throw my hands in the air and said forget it I'm not leaving the house today!!!!  I turned the car off and got Dex out of the car and Carter out of the car seat (he was soaking wet with spit up - I had to change him again).  WHEW!

While typing this out I may be chuckling to myself just a bit because it seems so chaotic and like something out of a circus act.  In the moment I was overwhelmed and in the end I caved and just stayed home!  I have been trying so hard to get out more with the kiddos lately and it isn't fun.  I want to get out for the sake of our mental health and being cooped up in the house all day, but some days it just isn't worth the fight.  Carter does not like his car seat and Dexter is a very active little boy.  He just can't sit still for long.  Everytime I look back at how difficult it is sometimes when I am trying to get out of the house I laugh a little on the inside.  I guess if I didn't it would drive me mad!  :)


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