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Friday, January 20, 2012


The other night while I was sitting on the couch dustin struck up a shocking conversation with me.  This is kind of how it went....
Dustin, "So what are you doing this weekend while I am studying" Me, "probably nothing" Dustin, "you could go look at cars" Me, "REALLY!! Well, I don't want to go look if I am not going to be getting one right now" Dustin, "we can get one if you find the right one.  we were going to get one after the baby was born so what is a few months".

  I still think he is trying to butter me up for some bad news or something....lol.!!!! I'm so excited!!!!!I am going car shopping this weekend.  Please dont rain!! Any advice?  I am looking at either a Nissan Murano or Nissan Altima.  The Murano is what I really want, but they are also more expensive!!!! but on the plus side, 1. more room 2. a bigger back space aka trunk 3. we will be able to travel better in it because we wont have to pack everything in all cramped. 4. we could tow things with it and since we don't have a truck this would be a huge plus!!

We are looking used with low mileage preferably one owner and a good price.

If you don't know already I am very ticky about what I want in a car.

1. I would prefer White!!
2. Lether seats - I know my legs will stick to them in the summer and they will be cold in the winter, but I don't care I love them!!!
3. Sunroof
4.I would liek a navigation system.  I have to look more into this, because if it is free and works great then I can get rid of this stupid droid phone I have and go back to my lovely blackberry which I adored so much!!!! Maybe we will see.
5. Like I said.. low mileage
6. Preferably one owner & no defects of course.
7. I would like for it to look new and unused!! - doesnt everyone!! :)
8. oh, and just a preference not a huge make it or break it deal, but I like the wood grain look with the lether seats.

I know that I am very specific in my wants and hopefully I can find one in the price range we are looking for.  Eventually, maybe I will find something that I just love and is in the right price range. I will not stop until I do... or else I may have to change my list just a little... like I really don't have to have a navigation system. lol. I am so excited, but so scared at the same time!!! I love my little civic and will miss it dearly, but not a lot of room for baby.  I feel somedays as if I'm in a little mario cart just chugging along because it is so small hahaha... cracks me up!

I have 2 altimas lined up to test drive this weekend with my criteria, but I am having a harder time finding the murano's used with my specifics.  After test driving hopefully I can get around to telling everyone how my experience went.  I will aslo be on the prowl for anything that grabs my attention!!

This is one that I will be looking at this weekend.. only prob. i have with it at this moment is the mileage!!

Any advice on car shopping besides don't let them know you like it as much as you really do and try to talk them down?

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