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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first car looking experience

As everyone saw by my last post Dustin and I are looking for a car for me.  Well, this weekend my cousin Melissa came up and went car looking with me.  We had a great time and even got to eat OLIVE GARDEN!!! We both love Olive Garden and since there isn't one in Gadsden she decided that she would just have to have olive garden... Okay I might have bribed her with it just to get her to drive all this way to car shop with me:)!! May I remind you that I am very picky about my cars.  Well, we get to the nissan place and I go to the used car section and didn't see anything that I liked so we were going to go.  Well this genius of a salesman come up to ask if we found anything we liked and I of course said no. Then he asks can I ask what your looking for so my first reaction is were leaving and then I begin to think well, if I tell him what I want he can find it for me.  So he gets me in there and I go through my spill of the specifics that I would like in either an Altima or Murano and that is when he goes well we have this Murano over here that has everything that your looking for but it is black.  I knew which one he was talking about because of course it was the best looking one over there and we had glanced at it earlier.  It was a 2011 Nissan Murano and only had 1,000 miles on it!!! Well, i was excited but at the same time I was like are you  kidding me only 1,000 miles on this USED Murano!!! Well, he tells me the price and it was 39k so I automatically said nope cant do that at all but thanks. Then he gets his used car sales manager in there and they automatically take off 10k dollars for me but the payments were still at 350-385 range. So I said no thank  you and then we left... Well, I take this paper home to Dustin and start telling him all about it expecting him to just throw it right in the garbage and said no!! Well, he was like maybe... so I was like well maybe if they cam off 10k instantly they would come off of it some more and we might be able to get the payment closer to the 300 range instead of high 300's.  Let me remind you I did not test drive this baby because I knew that I would just love it!! After the conversation with Dustin I went to my appointment to drive the Nissan Altima that I had transferred so I could test drive it.  Let me just say that baby was a beauty on the outside and the inside looked great but it had a little bit of a funny smell and the navigation kept locking up and the whole screen would lock up which was a huge red flag for me so I just had to walk away and say no thank you I will keep looking.

After leaving there and heading back home I decide I would stop back by the nissan place to check out another car and possibly talk this guy down off that Murano!! Well, after looking at the one car the salesman and I wonder over to the Murano and I said what the heck I'll drive it to see if I even like the bigness of a SUV. It was great!! LOVED IT!!! We get back and I told him look I really like it, but I just cant afford it where the price is at now and he said let me go talk to my manager(which they always do) and see what we can do.  He asked me before he left what would be the highest you would want to pay monthly and fill comfy with and I said 300 and he said can you give me 320.  I proceeded in telling him I could possibly but I can't promise my husband would be okay with that and he has the final say so. Bless his heart he was trying so hard!! So he goes off and talks to his manager and comes back they would only take off 1,000 more which brought it down to 28,000 for a 2011 Nissan Murano with only 1k miles on it and it was fully loaded!!! I said can't do that sorry.  Then he started talking about finding me something else so I know that is the lowest they would go when they were gonna let me walk.:(!! That was the best price I have ever seen on a Murano with that low of mileage and fully loaded!!! Even kbb blue book value was 40K!! After discussing everything and lots of budgeting and thinking about future stuff with baby expenses and everything Dustin and I have decided that we can afford it!!! BUT IM NOT GOING TO GET IT:(!! haha tricked ya!! lol.... I am going to keep searching for a Murano that has all of those features but with a higher mileage like 20k so I can get a lower price and get the payments under 300 so we can feel better about getting one!!!! I HAVE TO SAY I WAS PRETTY PROUD OF MYSELF WITH WORKING THOSE PEOPLE DOWN!!! :):):):) I just hope my next car adventure goes as well!!! :) I only got one shot of the Murano and it was before he pulled it out of the space.  It had blond leather seats inside and black on outside! Made for a killer look, but in the end we just couldn't feel good about a 360 car payment. Although, I never once mentioned trading in my car which would have brought it down even further but still NO!! Check it out!!

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