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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dexter Inman

I'm a little behind on this post!!!

Our little man has finally arrived!!!!
Born: March 27, 2012 at 5:45 p.m.
Weight:  7lbs. 6oz.
Height: 21in.

Check out this cutie

Let me try to tell you my son's birth story.  Monday, March 26, 2012 was my once again doctor's appointment to check my fluid levels on the baby being that they have been low.  Well, I get there and my fluid level dropped even lower to a 5 so after some debate and fetal stress monitors and all that lovely stuff my doctor decides that it is time for Dexter to come out and meet all of us!! He instructs me to be at the hospital at 10:00 p.m. that night to be induced!! After arriving there that night they get me back there and the nurse calls in someone to start my IV.  Well, the first try didn't work so she turns my arm and does the back of my arm in a place that I have never had it done before and just tries and tries and tries to thread that needle in.  Let me just say I was in tears and not very happy!!!  Well, that needle didn't go in either so she got another nurse in there and started on my other arm to try to get one in.  By this point I am crying because I was so nervous and I couldn't understand why they were having trouble getting my IV in which I've never had any problems in the past!! Thank the good lord above that the other nurse knew what she was doing and got that sucker in! It may have hurt but it worked!! I was almost at my breaking point!  So after that everything is good and they start the pitocin( or however you spell that)  and I try to get some sleep! Let me tell you those birthing beds are so not comfortable!!!! The next morning they crank my drip up and when I start to feel more and more pain I ask for the epidural!  Those things are amazing and I highly recommend getting one even if it can give you a spinal headache which we will go into later.  So, the anesthesiologist comes in to do my epidural and in the middle of doing it he kept saying something about missing the middle and getting it a little more to the left.. The whole time I am think WHAT!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU MISSED!!! THAT IS MY SPINE YOU ARE PLAYING AROUND WITH BACK THERE!! lol... And then yet again he says something about a little bit of fluid coming out and so I may develop a spinal headache!.  Then again I am thinking GREAT Just what I wanted a spinal headache!! Anyways everything else went great with the epidural and it done it's job!  HOORRAAAYYY!!!!! Okay I realize this is starting to drag on so long story short at 5:00 or 5:15 I start pushing and out comes this baby at 5:45 p.m.!!! He is just precious and everything I have ever dreamed of.

Life with this little man here has been great!!! He is not a real fussy baby, cross my fingers and knock on wood!! haha. He sleeps all the time and I actually have to wake him up for the feedings.:)  He sure does love to eat!!!  He eats 4 oz. at a time and breast feeds too!! Sometimes he still acts hungry!!  Breastfeeding is tough and I can honestly say I DO NOT enjoy it! It hurts so bad sometimes and I was literally cringing at the thought of breastfeeding him sometimes! I think he has latch problems.  I should probably go talk to a lactation consultant.  Its been tough from the beginning because I had a spinal headache and it was hard to sit up, but I still did it and then my milk wasn't coming in good and the baby lost too much weight so the doctor had me to supplement which worked great in helping him to gain back the weight and keep it on.  Since I started supplementing it is really hard to keep solely breastfeeding because he just isn't satisfied with only breastmilk.  That is okay! I am still breastfeeding him and supplementing!  I know there is mothers out there that breastfeed solely and have no problem with it and that is great but I am apparently not one of them:(!! I am glad that he got all the colostrum and is still getting breast milk.  No I am not a failure at it because I still try my best with it but its not for me and I will not breastfeed for too much longer.  I want to at least get 1 or 2 months out of it:)!! Anyways off of that rampage.  Dexter was a whopping 8 lbs at his last appointment which was his 2 week checkup:)  His eyes are starting to change a little, but we can't tell just yet what color they will be.  I am hoping for Green like his daddy's!!  Dexter is sleeping in his crib now:)  In the mornings when daddy leaves for work is usually his morning feeding time and after that he lays with mommy and I just love it!!! We tried putting him in the play pen to sleep when he was first born but he would have nothing to do with it.  So for the first 2 1/2 weeks he slept with us.  I know I know I said I wouldn't do it but the boy just would not sleep without me. hahah.  At first he would have nothing to do with the sleep wrap thing either.  He liked to be able to move his arms, but this week he has let me put him in it 4 times:)!! Although, he has to be so asleep that he doesn't realize he is being put in it.  He sure does sleep better in it:)!!  I could use a baby sitter for one day to let me get this house up to par. The down side to living 2 hours away.

Now for some pictures of our little man!!!  can you believe we still don't have any photos of us as a family:(!!! Makes me sad!! We have pictures with him separately but not together.  I will be getting some soon!! I wanted to make some right after but with my spinal headache it just didn't happen!!  Anyways back to the pictures of Dexter....


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