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Thursday, April 26, 2012

A few things I'm loving today

1.  My husband, Dustin, and our son, Dexter!

                                                                  Aren't they precious

2. The Moby wrap!  If you have a baby this is a must have or at least for me it is.  They carry so well and Dustin and I can take walks and he just sleeps.  It does not hurt my back to carry him around in it either.  It is comfy!  Dexter isn't used to the stroller just yet because he is still too small but with the Moby wrap doing things like taking walks or going to outdoor events will now be possible. :)

3.  I am loving my new phone, LG Spectrum!! (Anniversary present from my wonderful husband)

4. I love the Willow tree figurines!

 The two that I have are:

This one is called home!
What the creature of this piece has to say about it.
"I wanted to capture the time in your life when there’s a lot of excitement, happiness, yet a big unknown. This piece connects the concepts of Home and Family — you are creating your own family — your own home. There’s been a shift in your life cycle. It’s about establishing roots in a way that centers and grounds you as a couple. It can be scary, but also has you in awe. Together, you’re creating a sense of place — building something — permanence and belonging. To each other and to the someone else that you haven’t met yet, but that you already love. I wanted the title to have a hidden layer of discovery ... I like the twist of taking a noun and using it as an adjective to explain a feeling one might have, but can’t always verbally express."

This one is called Our Gift and the creature of this piece has this to say about it.
"I remember when we brought our first-born home, and walked into our house. I had an overwhelming sense of fulfillment -- it seemed like our whole house was warm and full of light. When you bring a new baby home, all of a sudden you understand the excitement of being a family – this, now, is your family. It’s the start of something wonderful and new, and that, in and of itself, is a joyful gift."

I can't wait to fill my house with many many more. :)  I want them all!!! hehe..

5.  I am loving that Monday will be the last final Dustin has to take for this semester.  Maybe he will get to spend some more time with us here at home. Only one more class to go for him in the Summer and he will have his Masters Degree!! I'm so proud and excited for him!

6.  I am loving that when I stepped on the scale I automatically dropped 26 pounds after giving birth to my son!! Can't wait to hit the gym again and maybe loose this little flub that is left over!  

7.  I am loving that this week I can start letting my son sleep all night long if he desires!  The boy sleeps so much and for the past 4 weeks we have literally been having to wake him up for his feedings in the middle of the night or during the day.  We have truly been blessed and lucky with our first child.  He sleeps and doesn't  cry that much.  He is pretty easy going.  He is  a HEALTHY little boy and I can't thank god enough for blessing us with this little man!!

Just a few things that I am loving :)


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