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Monday, May 21, 2012

They love to squeeze my heart

Let me tell you a few things that squeezes my heart!

I love having my own little family what some would call HOME.  I love picking Dexter up from the day care and seeing his eyes follow me everywhere once he knows I am there!  I love it when he tries his best to make a sound and all that comes out is a little squeak and a cooee here and there.  I love watching him smile and watching him do it with his whole face.  Dexter is almost 2 months old now.  Every day he grows a little bigger and he looses a little more of his hair.  Although, the underneath tiny hairs are popping up all over his head!  Dustin had said one night that he was going to grow more hair before he lost it! haha.  Dexter is becoming more and more active as the days go by.  I love having watching all these nieces and nephews grow!  They are so stink'n cute.  I could just gobble them all up!  Watching everyone of these babies grow just brings joy to my soul.  I am so thankful for everything that I have and for my family and friends.  Without everyone I would be lost.  Thank you for squeezing my heart just a little bit each day!

I love each and everyone of you.  Especially, my sweet husband and son!  Without you I am nothing!  



I want to take a minute to remember someone who was very dear and close to me. My sister, Marie. I miss her still just as bad today as the day she passed away.  I wish so badly she was here to see all these wonderful new babies.  She would have been a wonderful Aunt to them.  She was a great sister and one of my best friends at the time.  I am sure we would have been just as close if she was still here today.  She will forever be in my heart!  They say things happen for a reason, but I am still searching for the reason.  The only thing I can think of is it has brought me so much closer to my other wonderful sister, Denise.  We are tight.. haha.. 

I love you two and together you squeeze my heart!

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