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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Going back to school

As those of you who know me I have a paralegal degree and I am a stay at home mommy!  I had the best job I could have hoped for in the career I chose, but after Dexter was born my husband and I decided that it would be best if I stayed at home with our son.  During this process we have been contemplating what the future would hold.  Would I either A.  go back to work once all of our children were in school or B. go back to school to get my bachelors in something that would have a higher pay grade.  After much thought we have decided that I would go back and get my Bachelors in Education and I would teach some type of Science.  More than likely Biology. This is definitely not set in stone just yet, because I am still exploring the choices and praying about what it is that I am supposed to do!  I love Science, but is it the path I am supposed to be on?  I keep asking myself what it is that I am supposed to be doing and I just don't know the answer.  This is what I do know!  I am really good with people!  I do well talking to others and I hope that my communication skills will be able to help others in whatever field I choose. Which is more than likely Education.  I start this summer with my first class!  I am debating between taking a math course or some Biology.  I guess it will depend if I can get my Biology from Gadsden State to transfer.  For some reason it did not transfer and I have got to find out why.  I would hate to have to re-take it.  Less money out of our pockets!  Wish me luck people and if you have any advice please feel free to offer!

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