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Friday, October 26, 2012

Random thoughts that I wanted to blog about while pregnant that I never got around to.

As I was going through my e-mail and clearing everything out I came across a few e-mails that I had mailed to myself about things that I wanted to share with everyone on my blog while I was pregnant.  Needless to say I never got around to blogging them.  As I look back on the thoughts I find them kind of funny!   So, as they all say better late than never, right? Enjoy.

This is from my e-mail dated January 12, 2012:
My whole survival of eating depended on one simple thing, anything I could dip in ketchup!!! So, for roughly 2-3 months I ate chicken fingers and French fries.  Once I would find something I could eat I would eat it for a week straight until the thought of it would make me want to vomit.  One week I ate kfc FRIED chicken (my normal is grilled), mashed potatoes and corn on the cob and the next I would eat taco bell nachos.  That was off and on for a while.  Let us not forget that as soon as I would get home from work I would eat whatever I had picked up on the way home and then I would go straight to bed.

A few other things going on in my body was the fact that I was scared.  I was scared for financial reasons, emotional reasons, getting stretch marks scared & all the things that I really shouldn’t be worrying over in the first place.  I kept thinking about all the things that would need to be done and what I needed to do to get them done.

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