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Thursday, May 12, 2016

My boys

Let us talk about my boys today!  I love seeing them grow and change.  I wanted to share a few things about them that I normally don't get around to sharing.

Lets start with Dexter...  The kid is so smart!!!  When did he become a little genius.  Just talk to him and he will amaze you.  The other day he was trying to tell me that he distracted me, but I could not understand what he was saying.  He used the word in a sentence to make me understand him.  He said, "like when carter is crying when you change his diaper and I have to distract him".  It was awesome!  I never realized that he could think outside the box to problem solve and get me to realize what he was saying.  Tonight we were playing this little kids charades game that we got from the kids meal at Chick Fil A.  Well, we played the easy way and talked out our pictures to make the other person guess it.  He knew almost everything on his card and could say things to get me to guess what it is.  For example, for rainbow he said, "it was something in the sky that was very colorful".  I was so impressed with this kid!!!  He has learned so much from MMO.  I 100% agree with my decision to put him in there.  Just for the social skills alone.  Since he has started his hitting and throwing has improved so much!  I see him out on the playground playing with the other kids and it just melts my heart.  Another thing that he does that I just love even though it also makes me a little sad at the same time...  I will always say to him... did you know you are my favorite?  Then, every single time he will say mommy, you are my favorite just a little bit... dad is my favorite a lot.  It is the cutest thing! I love that he loves his daddy so much!!!  Also, just here recently I have seen him show empathy!  Empathy is not something that happens in very young kids.  It usually starts around 4+, so I was really excited to see this in him.  It helps when you have a rough kid for them to have a little empathy towards others and that their actions hurt others. What a sweet kid he is too.  The other day I wouldn't give his brother a fruit snack because he wouldn't ask me for what he wanted(we're trying to get him to talk more instead of grunt and point).  Carter was just crying and crying.  Well, I noticed out of the corner of my eye Dexter peeking around the corner holding out his fruit snacks...Carter followed Dexter in the living room and I overheard Dexter say, "I will share with you brother".  It melted my heart into a puddle.  Just like today we had some friends over to play and the younger brother was upset because his brothers weren't playing with him and I overheard Dexter say come here I will play with you!!!  Melt my heart again!  Anyways, all of this may seem like bragging and I truly hope you don't see it as that.  I just wanted to share with you a few things that I have really seen come out in them recently.  Things that I normally don't share because I am so bogged down with raising the hardest child I have ever encountered!!  We will get to him soon!  All good stuff, all good stuff!

Now, let us talk about my strong willed, feisty, loving child, Carter!  This kid is going to be a force when he grows up.  I am going to have to do some major parenting as he grows and gets older.  I love him so much, but wow!  Just wow!  He does not give up when he wants something.  He will go after it with all that he has.  He likes to do things the way that he wants them done.  Everything about him is so intense!  He came out that way too!  When he decided to come out he was coming and the doctor almost didn't make it in time. I was not pushing and I new he was almost there!  Anyways, all of this is a good thing!  He is going to be my go kid or at least I hope.  I am like that and I see a lot of me in his attitude(probably why we clash so much).  Just figuring out how to tame and mold it is key!  All of this is so good.  I am starting to see the bigger picture and I see that it is good!  He is also so funny!!!!  HIS LAUGH IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!  Seriously, get him to laugh for you.  It will feel you with such joy!!  He laughs with his whole mouth and face!  I mean his whole mouth opens so wide and he laughs! It is so cute! I have got to get it on video!  He loves to dance!  you can turn the music on anywhere and he will break it down for you.  Music also calms him.  Little tip if you are ever watching him for me and he is uncontrollably crying.  He has recently started liking the only show he has ever paid any attention to which is mickey mouse.  Everytime it comes on he opens his mouth and lets out a ahhh like he is shocked.!!!  It is adorable.  He loves to workout with me and imitate my moves!  It's hilarious! Either that or he pounds on his daddy while daddy is trying to do mountain climbers.  He loves the outdoors.  If he can go outside he is happy!  The other day he helped me plant my marigold that Dexter brought home from school for me.  He loved playing in the potting soil!  He's such a little helper.  Did I mention that he is a big MOMMAS boy?  I had to have one that preferred me over Dustin since Dexter definitely prefers his daddy!

They both feel me with such joy most everyday!  I love them more than words could ever describe!

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about how sweet, awesome, kind, playful, smart, kids they are.  I don't say it enough!  I really don't!! These kids are so goofy and I wish I could just follow them around with the video camera.  


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