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Thursday, July 7, 2016

What are we doing Thursdays!!

What am I doing today?
Today is a busy day.  I am trying to get everything in order before this weekend.  My professor was kind enough to allow me to take a upcoming exam early due to a conflict that I had.  I had to run up to the college at 10 this morning to take that.  I was up really late studying for it and up to early with the boys this morning.  After I picked the boys up from my sweet friend Ashlea's house I came home and fed them the last few hotdogs we had in the fridge.  Went to wash my car but as soon as I pull up to the car wash they close it down for some reason.  That was frustrating.  I had a few emails that I needed to send so I thought while the kids are napping I could do that.  Laundry is in the wash.  I have a load that needs to be folded now.  A few more loads to do.  I also have to make a bank run, library run, clean out my car, cook dinner, can tomatoes, and do a few things to get ready for this weekend.  Like I said, today is a busy day!  If I can manage just a few of those things I think I'll be doing pretty good.

What are the boys doing?
The boys had a blast over at their friends house this morning.  Dexter keeps asking me if we can go back this afternoon and tomorrow.  I sure wish we could, but mommy has a lot of things to do.  Other than that they have been playing.  Both of them are playing so well "knock on wood" together since we got back from gigi and pawpaw's this past weekend.  I don't know if it was them being able to just play constantly with their cousins or if it's just starting to happen.  Either way they have really been playing well together this week.  Thank you Lord.  Mommy really appreciates it.  I love seeing them and hearing them play well with each other.

A few thoughts for the day:
I want to change the name of this blog or create a new one with a different name if I can't change the name of this one.  Any suggestions for a blog name?  I have never really liked keeping up with the Inman's it seems so kardashian like and it just rubs me the wrong way.  Also, I am thinking about hiring someone to paint our cabinets instead of me doing it.  I really would enjoy doing it on my own.  However, the time is just not there with me taking classes, etc.  So, if the price is right it would save me a ton of work and stress and have someone else do it for me.  If you are local and have any recommendations, please shoot me an e-mail.  Also, I ordered my mom a cheap tablet so that she can get on facebook and see my pics of the boys or I can send her pics, etc.  This should be interesting.


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